Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I do like to make New Years resolutions, despite research suggesting they don't do much good. I prefer to think of it as goal-setting, or as is usual in my case, reevaluating my priorities in which I'm focusing my energy in an effort to reach the things I want.

These are mostly the same as last year, but involve pushing to the next stage of where I am in my important work.

1. Build upon the headway I've made getting my scriptwriting work out there. Keep pitching my scripts. I've made two positive industry relationships so far, which isn't much, and nothing's guaranteed, but it's a start.

2. Complete two new major writing projects. As with last year, not sure what to focus on, but there are certainly plenty of possibilities.

3. Return to my high level of fitness and tonedness without completely overstressing myself with the work and self-denial.

4. Attempt to get a four-semester class load in the interest of professional improvement.

5. Make some improvement in my mental health issues. They got really bad this year and I can't live like that.

6. Redouble my efforts toward dealing with my inability to focus. I didn't really make much headway this year and it really got me down.

And my three perennials:

7. Maintain my important relationships. Love my family and Bernie the way they deserve. Keep up with my friends and make them feel valued and cared for. Same as always.

8. Keep working on being a kinder person, keeping my temper, and being less judgmental. Always until the day I die.

9. Keep on learning to be hopeful. Always a struggle for me, but so necessary.

And the terrifying bonus one:

10. Act in whatever way I can to resist the oncoming Fascism that looms over America. I truly do believe that this is the extinction burst of a diseased, outdated way of life. But I'm afraid we won't survive it, and we must mitigate the damage if we're to live in the world past it.


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