Mar. 29th, 2017

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Oh, wow. I was going to complain about how little I wish to do actual work today, as I would much rather work on my exegesis of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I've been chipping away at here and there for several months now. But I just got some statistical information about the student evaluations handed in for my three classes last semester. I averaged above a four out of five for all values my students could assess me on, which means they thought I did a good job-- a very good job, even. And I got contacted by the very nice humanities division director, who is not usually the person who reaches out to me about class availability, to ask me if I would take on some classes this fall. I'm not sure, but it felt kind of like there was specific desire to retain me, when usually I express my interest in being hired for classes if there any available. That is validating.

I am not a natural teacher; I wouldn't say I have much talent for it. I probably would not have characterized myself as a very good one. Decent, solid, perhaps, but not good. But I've been trying very hard to do a good job, and it pleases me to see that it's paid off in students who feel I did right by then, and said so to the school when asked about it. And hey, I have at least a couple classes nailed down for the fall already, with the possibility of more, so I don't have to stress out about that.

Guess I can't slack off now. Looks what I've been doing has been working.


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