May. 19th, 2017

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Accomplishment chart, 5/12 – 5/18


- finalized performance version of Murders in the Rue Morgue with PMRP
- 1 blog entry for
- plotting for Mrs. Hawking 4

- had performances for Vivat Regina and Base Instruments at WCSF 2017
- tore down and loaded out for Vivat Regina and Base Instruments at WCSF 2017
- held 2 nights of auditions for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP
- cast Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP

- struck and put away the costumes for Vivat Regina and Base Instruments at WCSF 2017

- graded 11 final packets for Intro to Creative Writing class
- graded 25 research papers for Writing and the Literary Arts
- submitted grades for Intro to Creative Writing and Writing and the Literary Arts classes

- 2 4-hour load out sessions
- 1 2.5-mile run
- walked 10,000+ steps 2 days
- walked 15,000+ steps 1 days

- listened to episode 109 of Tom and Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest
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As I posted, I have accomplished the most recent performances of Mrs. Hawking. The quality of the productions, plus the high attendance and overwhelming positive response, pleased me enormously. In an additional herculean effort, I've also finished my grading and submitted grades for the end of the semester. That means that I finally have a significantly lighter period ahead of me, and I mean to keep it that way. I need some downtime after all that intensity and stress.

Predictably, in this the first week since finishing, I have gotten sick. The cold Bernie brought with him when he came down for the show, and the migraine I gave myself with an excess of caffeine. Both of those I don't tend to get more than once a year, and I've noticed I tend to be ill in my off-time, rather than when I've got stuff to work on. I commented to Bernie that maybe it's the adrenaline and force of will keeping it off until I can afford to lie flat on my back and get some rest again. He countered that maybe it only happens after I've thoroughly run myself ragged. Equally possible, I suppose.

But as I said, at least I've got some downtime for now. I can use that to rest and repair-- eat right, sleep enough, and destress. I've got some projects this summer, but much less work, less tight scheduling, and less pressure to be on all the time. I think I'll feel better soon, and for now I'll just be grateful that I didn't get sick until after I finished.


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