Jun. 23rd, 2017

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Accomplishment chart, 6/16 – 6/22


- plotting for Mrs. Hawking part 4
- outlining for Mrs. Hawking part 4
- drafted external quests for third and fourth faction for Susurrus
- had 1 request for Hood pilot
- 1 blog entry for Mrshawking.com
- 2 journal entries

- had 1 rehearsal for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP

- organizing costuming for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP
- put together costuming for forest elf photo shoot
- put together costuming for gender-swapped Crow photo shoot

- 1 two-mile runs
- 2 weight machine routines
- 2 fighter abs routine
- 1 one-mile run
- walked 10,000+ steps 3 days
- walked 15,000+ steps 1 day

- watched Orange is the New Black season 5
- listened to episode 114 of Tom and Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

- made garden salad with smoked tuna
- made panko breaded chicken tenders with roast potatoes and squash
- made roast sirloin with pepper and squash farro salad
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New post on Mrshawking.com!

"Our important new character in Hawking part 4"

I am busily working away at my plan to have Mrs. Hawking part 4—tentatively titled Gilded Cages —ready to go into rehearsal by the end of the summer. That means all this month Bernie and I have been working on the outline for the story, as I like to get the structure and shape of it down before I actually start drafting.

As I’ve mentioned, one of the toughest parts of this piece is dealing with the presence of Victorian colonialism. It’s a major factor in this story, and I want exploring the issues that stem from it to have an important place in the story’s theme. Without revealing too much, I will say we’re including a character who is an indigenous resident of a colonized place in Asia. It is incumbent upon us to be as respectful as possible in that character’s portrayal. This is particularly challenging because we will be adding this character to an already established cast, where the protagonist is a white woman. Even under the best of circumstances, there is a very real danger of what I refer to as my theory of The Problem of the Protagonist— in short, where the centrality of your main character necessitates subordination of any other character’s story, which can result in those supporting roles’ marginalization or dehumanization.


Read the rest of the entry on Mrshawking.com!


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