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You know what weirds me out? When people date people who look too much like them.

It's WEIRD. If people could mistake you for blood relatives, you shouldn't date. It looks weird, it leads to uncomfortable assumptions by people who don't know you, and it has screwed up implications. Are you... attracted to yourself? Or your relatives? 'Cause those are the people who tend to look like you.

Like, it's lovely that Benedict Cumberbatch is married to a woman who is age- and socially-appropriate in pretty much every way, but is nobody else struck by the fact that she looks like she could be his sister? I'm sure they're very happy together and a very nice couple, but is their baby entirely made up of recessive genes? Is he going to grow up to play a banjo on a porch? That's a mean joke to make about a baby, but I'm sure his very privileged upbringing will insulate him from my insensitivity.

Of course, the Hapsburgs were very privileged too. And it didn't stop them from suffering for their ancestors being a little too into people who looked a little too much like them!
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