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This weekend I came up to Alexandria, Virginia to help Bernie move into his new apartment. He got a place just a five-minute walk from the patent office where he works, a small but very nice one-bedroom place in a fancy apartment building. I like it very much; it's a real grownup place, and a real change of pace from everything in Boston that all tends to be a bit older and more run down. This is all so nice and new, with amenities like a gym and a swimming pool. I'm spending the beginning of the week in Maryland to help him unpack and be together a little. I hope we can make it nice for him, and I may get to miss the worst of the snowstorm, as the DC area probably won't get it as bad.

I have a lot of work while I'm up here. Bernie's got to work of course during the day, so I guess it's not the biggest problem. But before I get back, I need to grade a ton of papers, put together the very first week of my online class and post it to the website, and prepare for the new round of Vivat Regina and Base Instruments rehearsals. So I can't entirely treat this like a vacation.

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I finally got around to getting a new warm weather bedspread for my room.


I've needed one for a while now, not just because the weather's finally nice again, but because the one I'd been using was old enough that the wear and tear was starting to show, particularly on the pillow shams. I'd really liked the old one, it was white with a pale blue seashell design, but it was so threadbare it just wasn't presentable any longer. I wanted another one in the white and blue color scheme, as it matches my room. I won't live in this room forever, I know, but I will for at least another year, and I've always been partial to pale blue and white in decor. There was nothing that I liked that had both colors, but this style came in a version of each, so I mixed the spread and the pillow covers. I really liked the white/ivory version, but white is so hard to keep nice. I'm actually a little worried that I should have gotten blue on the shams, as that's what wore out worst on the old one, but I like how this combination looks best. 
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So we did end up losing power yesterday. It was strange, though. Around 6PM, mostly everything went out, except that some of our overhead lights were on kind of dimly, and one outlet had enough juice to let us plug in a cell phone. Eventually everything went dark, but I've never experienced a blackout with that weird half-power before. It was only annoying because I couldn't see well enough to do much of anything. I would have been happy to while away the rest of the evening with a book, but it was too dark to read. Fortunately we have a gas stove at Illyria, so I was able to do a little cooking with a firestick to light the burner and a flashlight to look into the pot. I made a soup for the week out of the leftover ham bone with some odds and ends in the fridge, and a pumpkin soup for Jared and I to eat for dinner. We ended up going to bed pretty early, and it was nice to get the extra sleep. All in all it wasn't so bad, especially given how much people suffered in other parts of the country. I said a prayer for them as I fell asleep, and one again this morning. The power came back on around 7AM, almost exactly thirteen hours later. I hope everyone is safe and warm wherever you are, and I'll keep thinking of everyone the storm hit worse than us.
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My parents are leaving today after a very nice, short-but-sweet visit. We walked through the city and went out for some delicious meals. They also brought me tasty things.

Tomatoes from the garden. There were tiny cherry tomatoes, but they were so small and delicious I ate them like candy and now they're all gone. I shall have to cook something tasty from the rest.


Assorted hot peppers, which I put in my copper bowl. Don't they look pretty? I'm not too big into spicy foods, so I'd love to give these to people who will enjoy them. Residents of Gloucester, you are going to get a bunch.


And glass milk bottles! Aren't they charming? I got a bee in my bonnet recently about how much I'd like to keep milk in bottles rather than the plastic jugs, so Mom brought me a couple!


I'm such a vessel-and-crockery dork. If the copper molds on the walls didn't make me official an old lady, that has got to clinch it.
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Bliss is being alone in your clean house on a lazy Saturday. <3

Pink just moved the last of her things out this morning. Charlotte originally was going to replace her in the house, but unexpectedly Rachel decided she wanted to move out too. She left for vacation the other day, and most of her things are gone. Now we will have a Brandeis graduate student named Laura in Pink's old room, and Charlotte will be the new occupant in Rachel's. I enjoyed living with her at Elsinore the year before last, so I'm excited to have her again, and though I've never met Laura, Pink has assured me she is a lovely person.

I spent the morning cleaning so the house will be nice for Laura when she arrives. I scrubbed the surfaces, the shelves, the cabinets, mopped the floor, cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes. Now I am relaxing with a little TV and enjoying the solitude. Unfortunately Illyria currently has no Internet, as the router left with Emily, but Charlotte has some idea of how to deal with that, so I will wait until she returns from Maine. I have my iPad with 3G until then, and of course my phone.

Laura will be here in the next few hours, and I will help her if she needs it. Until then, my house is clean, and I am enjoying a well-deserved bit of relaxation.
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Bad night yesterday. Went to the urgent care center to get my unhappy belly and chest pain checked out, and basically just got told to watch for signs of it worsening and was sent on my way. But I've been having heartburn-like pain in my solar plexus setting in in the evening for the last four days, pain that doesn't respond to the typical heartburn measures of Tums or Pepto or even ibuprofen. I wake up pretty much fine in the morning, but it's bad enough that it makes it hard to get to sleep. The doctor doesn't think there's anything really wrong with me that isn't just going to have to run its course, but because I felt okay when I was getting examined, like an idiot it didn't occur to me to ask what to do about the pain. So last night was spent tossing and turning because it hurt too much to relax enough to fall asleep.

Anyway. On a more positive note, I fitted my pink checked dress muslin and sewed up the side seams. Now, if I'd been doing this right from the start, I would have had a good way to transfer markings from the pattern onto my material, and then made minor adjustments to the basic pattern suggestions based on my own body measurements. I plan to do better in the future, as I have requested the tracing wheel and transfer paper that [ profile] captainecchi suggested for Christmas gifts. For now, I decided to kludge it. I held the dress up to myself and pinned it along my sides to make it conform to my shape. Then I unzipped it, took it off, rezipped it, and faintly connected the pins with a line of pen. I took the whole thing to the machine and sewed the sides, using those marks as my seamline.

Once sewn, I tried the thing back on. Damn if it didn't fit half bad! My kludgey method actually did make it conform pretty well to my shape, keeping all the darts and things in the right places. I made the skirt a little too narrow on the right side, making it impossible to pull it over my legs, but I just ripped it out to the hip, repinned it, and sewed it more carefully. Turned out fine. Imperfect, especially since the fabric is so thin it sometimes clings to the outline of my bellybutton (tacky, tacky, tacky) but overall not that bad. Much better than my first disaster of a dress attempt, which was so rushed and stupid that I can't believe myself.

I wasn't sure how to take a picture of this, since I don't want a shot of me wearing it until it's finished, but I couldn't think of any good way to display how it's sewn up. So I just draped it over a chair and took an oddly angled shot of it just for illustrative effect. You'll have to trust me that it makes sense until it's done.

Next step is to put in the facings and sew up the shoulders. That is seeming to be trickier than it first appeared.

Also, on another fabric-related note, what do we think of this?

On a whim I draped my sheer white striped curtain that I got at the thrift store over the empty curtain rod holders on my office window. It's just thrown up there, so I'd have to figure out how to arrange it more carefully, but do we like the idea? Does it work in that place? I do find myself wanting to put curtains up where the windows are bare...
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My grownup corner is no longer in quite the same state it used to be. My beloved butcher block is under the window now, while my collection of copper pots hangs on another wall. But it sure does look lovely against the blue wallpaper, and the adorable little spice rack that [ profile] blendedchaitea made is a charming companion for it. And doesn't the newest addition to our little copper family look nice? :-D

I'm beginning to think my journal needs a "home decor" tag, given how often I write about it lately.

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I just had to post a close up of how lovely it turned out. The varnish just makes it glow. I am so pleased.

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I wasn't planning to post about this again twice in one day, but I'm just so pleased!

I hung the mirror on the wall with monkey hooks and a length of 18-gauge mirror wire. Monkey hooks are cool, they're meant to be hand-pressed into drywall and slide up behind so that a tiny little hooked tail sticks out of the wall for hanging supported by a long, upward-curving top. I placed the hooks just a smidge lower than I meant to, meaning the table has to go just a little bit in front of it, but it still looks very nice. Even, too! The wire allowed for fine adjustment.

What pleases me most of all is how the table came out. A while ago [ profile] morethings5 very thoughtfully gave me a bag of various wood stains and sealants. This was just the nicest thing for me, as I have a deep love for the look of stained wood and have used them for a number of projects since, like the coffee table in my living room. For this one, I compared the samples on the labels of each color of stain to the wood of my bedroom set, but found none of them really matched. So I decided to try combining them by layers to see if two together might work. I first used a ruddy color called Sedona Red and allowed that to dry. Then I layered over it with a much darker shade of Walnut. I had to bring it back upstairs to compare it with the frame of the mirror, and look at the result! It's a damn near match! How about that? :-D

I am ridiculously pleased. All that remains now is to seal it with a nice protective polyurethane finish. There's a couple of those to choose from in my lovely gift from Jonathan. Then I will have a perfect bedroom vanity! I love house decorating stuff.

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I got my new little table!

It fits perfectly, the right width to use the space without crowding it and just deep enough to be useful without blocking the doorway into the office. Right now the mirror is just sitting on top of it and looks to be all right, but I'm a little nervous of it just perching up there unsecured. If the table got knocked, it could come crashing down. So I should probably attach it to the wall anyway. I think I will try to do that today. Wish me luck that I don't damage the wall.

Also, I mentioned I wanted to stain this table. It's totally unfinished so I think I'll try to make it match the wood of my bedroom furniture, which you can see here in the frame of the mirror. It's actually a nicer piece than I thought from the seller's photo, so if I take a little care it might actually come out quite nice.

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Yesterday I was the Chore-Accomplishing Powerhouse. I've been very busy with more external responsibilities (work, school, directing Merely Players) that I haven't felt very much like spending my remaining energy on stuff around the house. But I finally made myself call the neurologist and get an appointment-- that I wasn't putting off, I just kept forgetting and never remembering until after office hours --and getting that out of the way lit a fire under me. I cleaned my bedroom, changed the bedsheets, put together my new office chair, repacked my fabric basket, vacuumed the carpet, cleared out all the stuff I'd been driving around in my car, stored the new banquet tables I bought down in the basement, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, took the air conditioner out of my window, and threw a roast in the oven for dinner. A lot of this stuff has needed doing for a while so, now I'm glad to have gotten it out of the way.

But I'm still not done. I started painting away the little spots of remaining orange paint on the trim in my bedroom, but never had a chance to finish. I need to keep taping up the blue and get that all covered up. I also need to get around to hanging my big mirror. I've been a little tentative because I don't want to damage it or the wall, but I think I know what I need to do. I have monkey hooks and I bought the stud finder app on my iPhone that [ profile] valleyviolet recommended, which might be enough, but I wonder if it wouldn't be helpful to get some eighteen-gauge wire to string it up with. Also, I think I'd like to make that corner of the room a bit more functional. As it is, both mirrors are in my bedroom, while the dresser I'd previously also been using as a vanity is in my office, making getting ready in the morning a bit awkward. Usually when I leave I have just tossed my hair brush and everything onto my bed, which is not as organized or neat as I'd like. I much prefer everything to end up in its proper place. So I've decided that once the mirror is hung I'm going to place a little table beneath it to make that spot into a real vanity. I've been checking out Craigslist and eBay to find something that might serve. The trouble is that spot is in the narrow space between the wall and the door to my office, so I can't put anything there that's so wide it will interfere with egress between the rooms. But I found a little thing that I think will work. Doesn't look like much now, it's a cheap, unfinished half-circle kind of table I'll be picking up on Saturday. But I kind of like that because I can stain it myself and choose the color. I bet I can make it look nice.

I don't have anyplace to be this weekend, so perhaps a run to the hardware store is in order, and I can spend the rest of the time seeing that this stuff actually gets accomplished.
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I used altering the shower curtain as an opportunity to practice my buttonholes. What I had to do to make it fit my shower is cut off one of the top corners at just the precise angle, but that got rid of the little hemmed holes intended for the rings along that edge. Since they were basically just buttonholes, I figured I could put in new ones if I made them like buttonholes. My machine has an automatic buttonhole foot that is supposed to just make them for you. I must have made a million test holes and screwed with the machine settings about eight different ways late into the night, but by about 3AM I made just about as pretty a buttonhole as you ever did see. See how nicely it came out on the curtain?

The next challenge was cutting them open. As you can see, the stitches are pretty close together and I was afraid of tearing them. What I ended up doing was very carefully pressing my rotary cutter down between the two edges and not trying to extend the cut much farther than that. It worked nicely, and I only damaged the edge of one buttonhole. Not too shabby, eh?

The curtain is a little too wide for the shower, and the bottom drags on the floor. Some trimming and hemming will be in order. And I must get nicer hooks to hang it with. But it fits nicely into the oddly-shaped space, so I'm pleased with my carefulness and the quality of my work.

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Well, this weekend was not as productive as I intended it to be. Entirely too much of it was spent in the Depression Pit, with the rest of the time not being quite as productive as I hoped it would be. But I did get some of my list checked off. I bought a can of white paint to touch up the white trim in my bedroom, though I haven't started painting yet. I bought a new iron, which works great and I think will improve the quality of the seams I sew. I got a nice new blue-and-white striped shower curtain to replace the hideous plastic fish-print one we had in the upstairs bathroom. The shower has a sharp downward slant due to the ceiling shape on one side of it, so I have decided to cut the curtain to fit the space and sew new openings for the hooks. It will be a good chance to teach myself to make buttonholes, as that's basically the sort of openings the curtain originally came with. I haven't quite cracked how to use my machine's automatic buttonhole attachment to make attractive-looking results, but I've been working on it (unfortunately late into a sleepless last night, and the machine was apparently so loud that I must apologize because it woke up [ profile] blendedchaitea. So sorry, dear, won't happen again!) and I think I'm starting to get it right. Didn't get my kitchen knives sharpened, though, which has been on my list for a long time now. And I didn't get near as much homework done as I should have.

I kind of worked myself into a corner because I decided to not think about my poetry assignment packet until I was done with my playwrighting one, which was due a while earlier. Problem is, I didn't even really look at the poetry assignment until that point, and the due dates were closer together than I realized. So the necessary books for it were ordered later than they should have been and I have to go into crunch mode again. I am quite nervous about this one; on top of having to mark out scansion on a piece of text from the readings, something I have never been good at despite all my experience performing iambic pentameter, I also have to write eight pages of a "play-poetry" in verse. Gah. I'm terrified it's all going to come out all wrong and the professor's going to be like, "Do you know what iambic pentameter is at all?" And of course there's my classic problem of never knowing what to write about when I don't already have an idea going in.

On one final school-related note, I got back my adviser's feedback on my first packet submission. Mostly positive, I am relieved to say, though I made some really stupid errors that I am embarrassed and kicking myself over. And I totally misunderstood the "writing subtext" assignment, for which I generated this scene. I blame using that damn Hemingway piece, "Hills Like White Elephants," as my model. Because the characters in that do actually talk about their problem at least a little even though they never actually say what that problem is, I guess I thought my piece would fit the terms if my character just never flat-out defined their issue either. But that's not subtext, dumbass, which was the whole point of the assignment. She actually liked the piece in a vacuum, and complimented my ability to write dialogue-- a bit of a surprise, as I never felt my "regular" dialogue was ever all that natural-sounding --but asked me to redo the assignment. I am irritated with myself, but I feel like redoing it is justified. The moral of the story is never try to do anything that Hemingway does, because it's just going to be wrong. :-P
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Some of you may remember me talking about setting up a little additional workspace in my office, like getting a small table to put in the corner next to the door that would give me a little more surface area to work on than my somewhat crowded computer desk. I've been trawling Craigslist for the last couple weeks, and finally found something suitable in my price range that I could bring home. It's not set up to work at just yet, but here's how it looks right now:

It's made from what I would guess to be ash wood and measures about four feet wide by two and a half feet deep. It's at a height such that I can comfortably sit in at chair at it and my mini-fridge fits underneath it. I like how sturdy it is, and the neat little drawer in the front. I'm quite pleased with it, and actually was pleasantly surprised by how much workspace I could actually get to fit in this area.

I confess, I was not as meticulous as I should have been in regards to making sure it would fit the space before I bought it. I did take measurements for how much could fit into my desired area without interfering with the low closet or opening and closing the door, but didn't have them on me when the seller for this table responded to me. So when I said I wanted to come look at it I wasn't a hundred percent sure it was going to fit. Laying eyes on it in person for the first time, I was not optimistic; I was pretty sure it was too big. But the price was low and the seller was in Roslindale, which is a bit of a drive from Waltham, and I was more affected by the desire to not come home empty-handed than was totally wise, so despite my concerns I went for it anyway. I spent most of the drive home calling myself an idiot and brainstorming what the hell else I could do with the thing. But when I actually got it into the room I lucked out! In fact, it's about exactly as big as could possibly go there without getting the the way of the doors.

So I am pleased with how the whole enterprise turned out. This will be my sewing table, and my larp packing table, and the place I do any project that doesn't require a computer. I'm looking forward to having a designated space for that stuff so it doesn't take over my whole room.
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My room is blue at last! Two days ago the wonderful [ profile] acousticshadow2 came to help me finish painting, and brought the also lovely Josh Marcus along with her. EB is a really capable person, it turns out, when it comes to getting home maintenance chores done, as I learned when she was on the team helping me move as well as today. I'm impressed. She taught me a few things about painting a room that were really helpful, such as starting by painting up along the taped-off areas with a brush so you can follow up with the roller in the larger areas without fear of going outside the appropriate area. Josh was really helpful but going ahead of us as we painted, finishing up taping off all the trim that I hadn't gotten to yet. It took about four hours, but we got the entire room done by the end of the day. I am extremely grateful to both EB and Josh, for being so kind as to do all this work to help me out. Thanks, guys, I owe you one!
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I have begun painting my bedroom. I have taped up most of the white trim, covered my workspace with tarps and dropcloths, and cracked open my gallon of 100 Acre Morning blue. It was harder work than I remembered it being, as it's been a while since I actually painted a room. The paint goes on well with both a roller and a brush, though during the initial coat a second stroke tends to slightly displace the paint laid by the first stroke, exposing little patches of orange beneath the nice new blue. I have found that if I wait for the first coat to dry and then touch up the imperfect places, I get nice solid coverage and probably won't have to go so far as putting on a second coat. Given the very weird shape of the room, with all its odd angles and bites taken out of the shape, it's hard to estimate how much I have finished, but I'll say I've gotten about one quarter of the way around the room. Not bad progress for one evening's work alone. If I can get that much done each day I should be finished by the end of the week. I'm thinking I'll have to touch up the white trim too, though. The orange paint looks nicely done on the walls but must not have been applied with well-placed painter's tape, as the trim often has orange bleed-over on it. I'd like to fix that up as well. I plan on staying here for at least the two years of graduate school, so I want it to look nice.

In regards to other aspects of settling into Illyria, thing seem to have worked out. I have been cooking quite a bit in the kitchen, and it's just as nice as I hoped it would be. There is a ton of counterspace, a luxury I haven't had in years. The appliances are lovely-- having a dishwasher makes cleanup so much easier, and I love the gas range. Not as big a fan of the gas broiler, I've discovered, as compared to electric, but that's a small thing. I also was happy to discover that there was enough room in the spacious kitchen to keep my baker's rack, which though now a bit barer than it used to be I really like having around to hang certain tools and produce on. Here is how it looked this morning before I left for work.

I really really like it. Unfortunately I like the living room a lot less. It's tough to condense from a larger space into a smaller one, so in an effort to maintain a certain amount of seating the room ended up a bit cramped. I'm also not a fan of how the washer and dryer are in a closet in the wall, meaning nothing can be put up against that side. But we've sort of worked out a compromise, and I suppose it's comfortable enough.

I will post pictures of my room once the painting is done, and I've finally got the place the way I want it.

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Looking at my calendar, for the first time in quite a while I see a free and clear week with no commitments on the schedule. This will be nice, as I have a number of things I'd like to accomplish this week.

First of all I intend to spend quality time with Jared, who after a long week where we barely saw each other due to his work schedule then spent the weekend in New York visiting [ profile] kamianya, so we haven't seen enough of each other lately. 

Next I would like to get going on the painting of my bedroom. As I mentioned, the place is a pretty brain-gnawing bright orange color, way too intense for the room I spend most of time my at home in, so I decided to paint. I bought a gallon of a nice light blue shade, a color Disney's paint line calls 100 Acre Morning, which I chose because it has a primer already built in. I'm hoping that will completely cover the orange without requiring a dozen coats. My dad put a package of paint supplies in the mail this morning with the intent of my receiving them tomorrow, which means I can spend the week working on it. Anyone who'd like to drop by to lend a hand, your company would be much appreciated, and I will of course repay your efforts with home cooking.

Thirdly, I must prepare for my upcoming residency period for starting grad school. I have only one week of classes to attend, but it will be intense. The residency schedule looks to be grueling, a solid block of classes from 9AM (or 8:30, in some cases) to 6PM for nine days. It's been two years since I was last in school, and certainly even longer since I had to pay that kind of attention for that extended a period. Hope I'm up to it. I also need to make sure I've done all the preparation and signed up for all the things I should have this week. I'm a little nervous, as I'm seeing things that I don't know how to take care of right now, but I guess I can send e-mails to faculty and ask for direction.
Those are my priorities. I am not totally ruling out any other sort of activity, but it will have to be fitted in around these.
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Here follows a somewhat disorganized brain dump regarding the current state of the move-in.

Things seem to be evening out at my new house. There is still plenty of unpacking to do, but there is now new carpet in my room, and my bed, with its cut-up-then-rebuilt box spring, is set on its frame and made. I'm a wee bit afraid of putting too much stress on the box spring by taking it off the floor and onto the frame, but it seems stable, at least for now, and I desire to have the under-bed storage space.

The order of today will be to go home after work and lunch and continue unpacking. I have brought all of my personal boxes up to my room by this point, and the kitchen table is rebuilt. Now things must be put in their proper places; I won't be really comfortable until that's done. My landlord said I can store unused things in the basement (a typical unfinished, slightly musty New England basement) which is nice at least for the stuff I'm not concerned will mold or get damaged by damp, so I won't have to be crowded by my old microwave or my baker's rack until I figure out what to do with them. The living room will have to be thinned out, as it's currently holding more furniture than it comfortably fits, but that means I have to decide whether I'm tossing out my old white leather arm chair, or I have space for it in my bedroom, or if I just want to wrap it in a tarp and put in down in the basement.

Appointments also happen today. Cable and internet set up was scheduled to happen this morning, though due to work I couldn't be around for it. Hope everything goes smoothly for the roommates in my absence. I also have to get to Elsinore to let in the rescheduled cleaning crew at 6PM. Not looking forward to that, as someone will have to stay with them while they clean, which could take a long time. I'll have to bring my iPad or something to work on while I wait.

My room will be very nice when I am finished setting it up. After remeasuring, I realized my stuff would fit better in the divided upstairs bedroom after all, and [ profile] blendedchaitea was wonderful enough to switch back with me. Which I am happy about, as that was the room I really wanted all along. I have decided to use the larger part as my bedroom and the smaller compartment as my little office, where I will have my computer desk and I think a little table to do other project work, like sewing and larp packing and stuff like that. I've always wanted to be able to say "If you need me, I'll be in my office." I have two closets for clothes, and two other low ones in the wall, one I plan to use as a cubby for my books, and the other for shoes and whatever else.

The room has only two problems. One, it has no light fixtures. I will have to invest in some serious lighting, as I strongly dislike rooms that are too dark. Not sure what the best kind would be, so I'll be doing some research, and taking recommendations if anyone has them. And two, the main room is painted an intense, Home Depot orange. Not an ugly color, I guess, but not one I want all over my walls. So I have secured permission from the landlord to paint. I am thinking I'll go with a nice light blue, which would work with my wood and my bedding. In the next week or so I plan to look at paint chips and choose something, then lay down tarps, break out the painter's tape, and maybe have a little painting party. As always, anyone who would be interested in helping is welcome, and will be compensated with home-cooked food.  

That's all for now. I am eager to get home so I can continue getting the place into a liveable state.
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Well, the move is concluded. It took hours and hours, and had many more wrenches in the works than my careful planning aimed for, but thanks to the efforts of many lovely, hardworking people, my stuff is in my new place. I have a ton more to do to get things in order (thrown off by having to wait for things out of my control, like new carpets getting laid AFTER I had to move in, and the cleaning service for the old place losing my reservation, grumble, grumble) but I am determined to get through them. I don't want to get into any more detail of the struggle, as just thinking about it all stresses me out, but I am determined to move forward productively from here. I would just love to call attention to my wonderful, generous friends-- Bernie, [ profile] bronzite, [ profile] laurion, [ profile] lightgamer , [ profile] acousticshadow2, [ profile] ninja_report, [ profile] marigumi, [ profile] john_in_boston, [ profile] niobien, Prentice, Emily, Michael, and [ profile] jh1230 --who gave their time and effort, and I will be making them all an excellent dinner in thanks.

Now I have to go collapse.
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- Engage moving truck - DONE
- Pack things in kitchen - DONE
- Pack things in living room - DONE
- Pack things in bedroom - DONE
- Pack things in basement  - DONE
- Cancel current NSTAR account  - DONE
- Cancel current oil account - DONE
- Arrange for final oil fill  - DONE
- Call Formal Oil AGAIN re: final oil fill because it doesn't seem to have happened yet - DONE
- Call National Grid to make new gas account - DONE
- Fax ID and proof of residency to National Grid - DONE
- Confirm all things are in order with National Grid - DONE
- Cancel Verizon account - DONE
- Engage Comcast account - DONE
- Buy Groupon for massively discounted cleaning service so old landlord doesn't gouge it out of our security deposits - DONE
- Arrange for my cleaning service to come to the house - DONE
- Send out plan for lovely moving helpers - DONE
- Throw away massive amounts of trash and recycling - DONE
- Pick up keys from new landlord on Saturday - DONE
- E-mail old roommates about moving out finalizing - DONE
- Send old landlord information about cleaning service, key dropoff, and ask for security deposits to be returned within the legally proscribed thirty days - DONE

Gah, so much to do, so little time to do in it...


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