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Since it's almost halfway through the summer, I thought I'd give a report while I actually have a moment.

I've been at my new job with Evil Overlord Games for almost a month now, and I think it's going well! I am definitely enjoying it, and I'm working very hard to do well. I've produced an enormous amount of writing, though I'm still getting used to the situation of doing it for a set time for an entire workday. Creativity on a regular schedule takes some adapting! But I'm enjoying the challenge, and I am very determined to deliver good work. This past week I was working as fast as I could in an effort to meet a deadline, so it will likely call for a lot of editing, but getting it down on the page is always the biggest challenge for me.

I've also been working on drafting Mrs. Hawking part 4, tentatively titled Gilded Cages. (I'm not crazy about that title, but I'm not sure what else to call it.) What I've got so far is very rough, but I've made a good start-- as I've mentioned, I've got to just get some garbage on the page in order to have some material to work with and improve. It's been a bit harder and weirder, given that I've got so much other writing to do lately, but having my day job provide way more writing responsibilities is actually a pretty good problem to have.

I'm also in tech week for Murders and Scandals, the PMRP double feature of Murders in the Rue Morgue and A Scandal in Bohemia. I must say, it has been quite some time before I've had a tech week that was this low-intensity, given I've been doing the piece-heavy Mrs. Hawking shows. We open this coming weekend at Responsible Grace in Somerville, so check out our schedule of performances to see which show you can make!
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As I posted, I have accomplished the most recent performances of Mrs. Hawking. The quality of the productions, plus the high attendance and overwhelming positive response, pleased me enormously. In an additional herculean effort, I've also finished my grading and submitted grades for the end of the semester. That means that I finally have a significantly lighter period ahead of me, and I mean to keep it that way. I need some downtime after all that intensity and stress.

Predictably, in this the first week since finishing, I have gotten sick. The cold Bernie brought with him when he came down for the show, and the migraine I gave myself with an excess of caffeine. Both of those I don't tend to get more than once a year, and I've noticed I tend to be ill in my off-time, rather than when I've got stuff to work on. I commented to Bernie that maybe it's the adrenaline and force of will keeping it off until I can afford to lie flat on my back and get some rest again. He countered that maybe it only happens after I've thoroughly run myself ragged. Equally possible, I suppose.

But as I said, at least I've got some downtime for now. I can use that to rest and repair-- eat right, sleep enough, and destress. I've got some projects this summer, but much less work, less tight scheduling, and less pressure to be on all the time. I think I'll feel better soon, and for now I'll just be grateful that I didn't get sick until after I finished.
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Well, Easter has come and gone, and that means I have completed my Lenten resolution to give up procrastination during that time. I actually celebrated the weekend by NOT SPENDING THE WHOLE THING WORKING for once, which has not been something that I've been able to do in weeks, and it was refreshing. I held to my resolution quite well actually, and I stayed on top of my work with very little time wasted screwing around before actually getting to my responsibilities.

Unfortunately, that level of focus and self-discipline has left me worn out. My rest this past weekend was helpful and very much needed, but now I've gone into the following week unsure of whether I can keep up that level of effort. I'm already off the grading schedule I made due to having a much more chaotic Monday than I expected to, and an outside project deadline I set for myself has eaten up a lot of time today. I generally find I can't focus on essay grading for very long-- it is sooooo focus-intensive and boring, easily the worst part about teaching --so I break it down into grading a handful a day until the due date. But maybe I should try setting aside a chunk of time and just trying to power through. I usually hate doing that, but perhaps the shakeup in my routine might help, and I'll actually have longer chunks of time to get other things done.

A continual problem I have is that the most efficient way to run my life is also very exhausting. I get good results but can't maintain it without burnout for long. But when I ease up, I find other things crash down on me, like work piling up that starts to feel like a crisis. I'm not sure what the right balance is.
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It's been a few very long weeks. My last class for the semester, the eight-week Creative Writing intensive, began on top of everything else, which threw in a new module to plan and eighteen more papers to grade every single week. The extra work has really gotten to me, and I'm starting to get worn down.

On top of that, my body has felt... sore. My knees are a bit painful and my muscles are generally achy. I'm worried it's because I'm not eating that well lately. I've been working out harder than usual and maybe I'm not taking proper care of myself. I should probably incorporate more rest, but I'm always worried about falling out of the habit. I always sleep pretty well, but it's rare that I'm not getting enough protein and vitamins the way I probably am lately.

What I need to do to deal with this, I think, is an actual free period of time where I'm not drowning in grading to catch up-- make maybe a few days' worth of nutritious dinners, rest without running around, and straighten up my life. I haven't been keeping up my normal level of organization either, which ups my stress level. I could also use a massage-- maybe more than anything else --but I probably shouldn't spend the money right now. Or hell, the time. But if this level of exhaustion and stress is making me less productive, maybe I just need to find the way to make it happen.

Brain fog

Mar. 22nd, 2017 11:20 am
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Having a very hard time coming up with a coherent entry, yesterday and today. I tell myself to update my blog with SOMETHING even if I don't have anything brilliant to say, but this week I'm struggling to come up with ANYTHING at all.

It's been busy. Basically I dove back into everything the minute I got home from helping Bernie move into his new apartment in Virginia, which entailed preparing the first week's module of the online class I'm teaching, and Hawking rehearsals beginning again. Both things are going well, but it's been basically running from one responsibility to the next from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, and I find that exhausting. I've also not been taking the best care of myself, eating too much junk and not getting enough sleep.

I have been writing, though. Because I've been out all day and unable to get home until late, I've been finding places to hide myself between schedule blocks, usually on the Lesley campus, and get a few moments of writing in here and there. So I suppose I haven't been completely consumed by work, but I've had to set very, very low productivity goals just to keep myself generating a little bit every day.

I can rest this weekend, fortunately. And I'm gonna.

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Today is Mardi Gras, which means that the start of Lent is tomorrow. I like to observe Lent in some way, mostly as an exercise in self-discipline for a structured duration for a good cause. Traditionally the observance is giving up some indulgence, particularly one that isn't good for them. Most people now interpret with something food-related; I myself used to use processed sugar as my go-to, and while that would probably be good for me right now, I think I'd like to use it as an opportunity to change some behavioral habits that I'd like to improve in some way.

Last year for Lent I gave up procrastination, and that was actually pretty good for me. I resolved to do the things I needed to at their appointed time, rather than putting them off to the last minute, as well as cutting down on "screwing around time," like being on Twitter when I should have been working or something. I think I'd like to do something like that again. I feel like my work habits need an overhaul, as I've fallen back into the struggle to get my head into whatever I'm doing, and being highly distractable, even from tasks I theoretically want to do. I am going to devise a system that I will stick to for Lenten period, and see if in that time it gets more natural or automatic.

I like giving it a shot over Lent because doing it for a set period makes it feels easier than just "you have to work hard on this forever indefinitely." And with that period of practice, it might get easier to implement on a consistent basis. Structure always helps my brain, and lately I can use a dose of it to get me back on track.

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It's looking like I will only have two classes for next semester. One one hand, I'm disappointed, as I was looking for at least three, and neither does Lesley have any more to offer me, nor did I get any interviews at the other institutions I applied to. It might be possible that I'll be offered a class through the Bunker Hill extension at the last minute, as I was last year, but that time around I didn't know until January. And it would likely mean another eight-week four-hour Friday night class, which are rough to plan and teach for.

It's nice, though, that I am being entrusted with higher level classes. This spring I'll be doing a literature course, which isn't a basic class, and an online Creative Writing class! It will be my first fully online class; I've done individual class periods online, but never an entire course. I'll need a training session for it, but I think it will suit me to not have to commute to it. It will be interesting to teach Creative Writing rather than Analytical for once, too, and I'm still pondering how best to approach it.

I am hoping to soon be able to secure enough classes that I don't have to tutor anymore. It's a totally fine job that I'm really grateful to have, especially since it gave me the experience to be considered for college-level teaching. But I'm a bit burnt out on it, and I prefer the greater schedule flexibility of just teaching. Because my step rate of pay at Lesley has increased, I could afford to do that with just three classes at this point. But because I only have two, I'm going to have to add on an extra day of tutoring next semester. Not what I wanted, and it's going to make my schedule a bit more awkward. But it will enable me to make a bit more money than I did this semester, and it's been nice that I've done a little bit better each semester of the last few years.
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I plowed through an epic amount of work today. It was pretty grueling, but at least I can go into this weekend without stressing out about getting things done. I'm experimenting this semester with setting designated "work times" that I will always stick to. I utilize scheduling a fair bit, but I tend to schedule things whenever is convenient rather than sticking to "hours on" and "hours off." I'm trying it for a while to see if it helps me focus and not feeling like I constantly should be doing more work.

I am still pretty depressed, but I'm trying to push on through it. Today I went back to eating paleo and am fighting to not lapse back into being a sugar vacuum. I think I will at least physically feel a little better. As I've mentioned, the biggest issue is I'm not INTERESTED in anything I could be doing. I don't feel excited or get any pleasure from stuff I theoretically should want to pursue. I guess that's classic depression. But I don't know what to do about it, and it's become a real problem as I end up not working on anything because nothing seems worth it.

I've had a bee in my bonnet for ages now about doing little audio or video recordings of my thoughts. Maybe like journal entries, or maybe something more codified. I've been listening to podcasts a bit more lately and I guess it's given me the bug. I know every asshole thinks they can do a podcast, and I don't know if I any of the unique things I have to say would be at all interesting for people to listen to. So I keep stopping myself because it doesn't seem worth it. But the idea's been nagging at me, and it would be better than wasting my time not working on anything, so maybe I should just do it and not care if it's any good or if anybody cares about it.
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The new semester has started for me, which means my easygoing summer is over and it's back to the grind. Tutoring's already begun, but classes start tomorrow.

I am reasonably prepared, I think. My lessons are ready to go. I'm feeling very confident about my two composition classes, but a little more nervous about my Business Writing workshop. I need to spend the first class (which is four hours long due to the compressed format) giving the students a grounding in writing in general before we dive into the specifics of the form. Teaching four-hour classes is challenging enough, but figuring out not only what is needed for this type of writing which is pretty different than typical academic writing makes it tougher. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, so I may be worrying over nothing, but I hope I do okay.

My schedule is a good one for me. Basically my work week is I have three days on of teaching and two days off for prep and grading. I mean, realistically weekends are going to end up being for prep and grading too, but perhaps I can use the time in a focused enough manner to make that unnecessary. And they are spaced out such that I have at least one solid day to prepare for each teaching day. That consolidation means a lot less driving, which makes thing infinitely better for me, as I'll have good solid chunks in a comfortable environment to get work done. I'm hoping this will make having an extra class this semester go a little easier, especially when we get into rehearsals for this Arisia's Mrs. Hawking plays.

I have all my stuff ready for tomorrow. I packed up my big purse with my syllabi and handouts. I have lunch ready to take with me so I won't have to come home in the middle of the day. And I picked a work dress that will complement my hair. Yes, I have decided to keep my pink hair. There's no rule against it at Lesley, and my superiors have seen it and had no adverse reaction, so I'm going for it. I touched it up tonight, so that it looks good for my first impression. Can't hurt to make a good showing the first time people meet you. I'm still a little concerned it may make me look like a kid in front of my students and possibly diminish my authority in their eyes, but I'll just have to make sure I assert myself. My pink hair was the change I was craving for a while, and I'm not ready to get rid of it yet.
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I got offered an interview this morning for teaching a writing class at Bentley University. That's awesome! Except... I don't know if I could accept it if offered. UGH.

When I was concerned that my third class at Lesley might get cancelled due to low enrollment, I started applying to other universities to see if I could get another class elsewhere as a backup. It turned out that the class isn't going to be cancelled after all, so my schedule was safe. However, I'd sent out a handful of applications by that point, and today I heard back from Bentley asking if I could come in for an interview.

This is of course a good thing! I'm glad my resume and cover letter were strong enough to get invited in. Bentley is a four-year college that's literally like ten minutes from my house, so getting a relationship there would be awesome. But when I was planning my schedule for the fall, it was taking into account how I'll be directing Vivat Regina and the inaugural production of Base Instruments for Arisia this year. Directing two plays, even if one of them is a reprise, is a lot of work. I was pretty burnt out last year by just that plus two classes and tutoring. I wouldn't have to tutor with a fourth class-- tutoring is easier, but a class is more money --but the real kicker is the grading.

Lesson planning and actual in-class time are certainly work, but for me at least, the most seriously labor-intensive is the grading. Literally the worst part of being an English teacher is reading and responding to all those papers in an actually constructive manner. Taking on an additional class would likely mean an extra fifteen to twenty students' worth of grading for the semester. Maybe I could manage to do it, but I imagine it would be a pretty miserable workload. Do I really want that level of stress?

I consulted the archives of Ask a Manager, a great advice website from a woman who is a consultant in management, professional practices, and job searching. She's a great source on the best practices of modern professional life. She is of the opinion that one should not accept an interview one knows one will turn down. Her reasoning is that you risk the hiring manager feeling that you've wasted their time, which could alienate them from ever calling you back in should you ever apply there again, and stealing an interview slot from someone who actually does really want the job. The former I definitely don't want to do, as I could see myself in a situation in the future where it would be great to be teaching there, and the latter I know how painful it can be when folks don't call you back.

So I guess my only two options are either politely decline the interview for scheduling reasons, or accept the interview with the intention of taking the job if offered. I'll have to think which one is going to be right for me.
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It's that time of year that I think making a list of all my projects, in the order in which they are should be prioritized, would be a solid idea. Plus I like to let people know all the cool stuff I'm working on. They are organized by which month's ending I need to have them done:


Editing the Mrs. Hawking pilot. In a very good meeting with my producer contact, she gave us some solid critiques for the next version. They actually were easier to incorporate than we feared they'd be. We're aiming to have the next version done by the end of the month to send back to her. It's almost done, it just needs one more pass or so to make sure all the changes are smoothly incorporated.

Treatment for Vivat Regina. This is basically a special kind of summary for how this story would work as an episode. This will get sent in along with the edited pilot and be appended to the Mrs. Hawking show bible.

Treatment for Base Instruments. Basically the same deal; write it up as if it were an episode of the series.


Finishing the Hood pilot. This is the new piece we're going to send along. Currently it's about half-drafted, and we're shooting to have it finished to get feedback from a reading dinner early next month. This is the biggest project in the package, so we may get the first three completed and sent before we're done with this, so we don't keep her waiting too long.

Finalizing my Freshman Comp syllabus. This is basically done. I just need to add in the page numbers from the new version of the textbook, which I'll be receiving later this week.

Finalizing my Essentials of English syllabus. Also basically done, requiring only the addition of page numbers.

Finalizing my Business Writing syllabus. This one needs more work, as I've never taught business writing before and am new to designing a class for it. I'm trying to chip away at it a little at a time, but it needs to be done by the end of August.


Put together Peggy's Properties. This is the ten-minute play I am directing for the Shorts Festival Chameleon's Dish Theatre is holding at the Democracy Center on September 23rd and 24th.

Finalized Base Instruments script for performance. We will begin rehearsals in late October, but I'd like to have the script all edited and ready in advance. I know some the actors would appreciate the advance look.

Blocking Base Instruments. Again, we start rehearsing in October, but it's important for me to be as prepared as possible going into the process. The more I can get done in advance, the less I have to worry about while I'm also teaching three classes and getting all the other aspects of production in order.
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Remember my resolution to go back to writing in my journal on the regular? Yeah, that didn't happen.

Unfortunately, neither did my using my three weeks off as a break. I didn't have work, no, but [ profile] inwaterwrit got married and I was her maid of honor, so the first week was taken up with helping her. That was a ton of fun, but then Bernie had his graduation ceremony. And then, because I never visit him in Baltimore, I agreed to go back to Maryland with him to attend Balticon. We worked tech for it, which was also fun and got us in for free, and Bernie even helped me do a bit of networking that might lead to something good for me. But now I'm at home for the weekend, to be there to help out my dad with some landscaping chores. Again, all that stuff is good, but it meant I didn't do much resting, and didn't get much of the catching up done that I'd been meaning to. Since I'm going back to work on Monday, I guess there goes that.

Honestly, I haven't been doing that well lately. I've been pretty consistently exhausted for the last several months, and I'd been hoping my between-trimester break would help me get myself back. But that didn't happen, and I'm a little afraid it's not going to. It's contributed to a vague depression for a while now that I'm not sure how to lift. I'm hoping that since even when I go back to work it won't be nearly as intense will mean I actually do eventually recover. But I haven't felt like myself in a while.
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I haven't written in my journal for ages, which I absolutely hate, but I have just been MORE BURIED THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. Which is really saying something. But now, finally, I am just days away from having completed all my obligations in this the most INTENSE PERIOD I'VE EVER HAD.

I just finished all my grading and submitted my grades for my two classes. Mrs. Hawking and Vivat Regina's latest performances have wrapped, leaving only the cleaning and putting away. My tutoring job will go on a two-week hiatus after this Thursday. The show I am costuming at Dana Hall goes up this weekend. So once I hit this Sunday, I am FINALLY DONE WITH MY RIDICULOUS LEVEL OF COMMITMENT.

THANK GOD. I am burnt out like I've never been in my life. I am looking forward to my very light summer, which will consist of just tutoring, no classes or anything, and very little else. It means I won't be making much money, but my schedule and my responsibilities will be light enough to give me a much needed break. I am going to do my very best to rest and recharge and not load myself up with projects and commitments as is my usual wont.

In devoting all my energy to just getting things done, I haven't been taking very good care of myself. I've been off my diet for like three weeks now and I feel lousy. My skin is more of an acne horrorscape than it's been in ages. The only exercise I've gotten is running from place to place and hauling set pieces. So I'd really like to take the time to put myself back together and start focusing on my own wellbeing. God, I can't wait until this weekend.
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Looking at my life right now, I've been trying to make a plan to manage my enormous level of commitment, and, by consequence, stress, that I've got going on right now. The only real solution seems to be I just need to stick it out until May. I was not thrilled to realize this, as I really am struggling with the amount of work and responsibility I've got right now, but there just isn't anything I can step back from. Not without enormous negative consequences, anyway. So I don't think there's anything left but to steel myself with the end in mind.

Because it does turn out that by the first or second week of May, all the stuff I'm currently doing should reach completion. My teaching semesters will end and I'll get a short break. My shows will have gone up. I will not be responsible for so much. And that's only a month to six weeks away. I hope I don't break down in that time, but I think I can handle that knowing that a respite is coming.

I think I'm going to take it easy this summer. I've got my work more or less nailed down for the fall, so I don't need to worry about getting classes this time around. So, even though it will mean less money, maybe I'll just tutor and do like one class to keep my resume solid. I could use a few light months, after the constant demand I've been living. And I won't take on a lot of big projects. I'll focus on taking care of myself-- something that's fallen by the wayside very much recently --and having a little fun, seeing friends and doing non-work stuff. Go back to writing! I know I tend to always load myself up when I have free time, but I really want to commit to being uncommitted during that time. My mental and physical health might need it.
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I had a really lovely Easter yesterday, full of delicious food and wonderful friends. I enjoyed it enormously and am really grateful I had the chance to spend the time, but now I am back at work, and am slammed back in the reality of my overwhelming life.

I feel like a broken record going on about that. God knows over the years I've complained enough on this blog about feeling burned out, but lately... lately it's like I literally do not have enough minutes in the day to get everything done. I've been scrambling to get all my externally owed commitments taken care of, such that anything that isn't strictly due for somebody else has been falling away.

I really do think I'm at the point where I need to make a change. It's just too much. I'm starting to stumble because of it, and I'm afraid if I keep pushing like this, I'm going to break down. I don't know what the right move is-- what can I afford to cut out that won't have OTHER negative consequences on my life? --but I know I can't keep doing this.

I know taking care of myself is essential in times like this... but what does that even mean? I already eat properly, sleep enough, and get regular exercise. And honestly doing all that is taking up even more of my time and requiring more effort to make sure it happens. That personal stuff is always the first to get blown off when I owe other people stuff, but that just throws me off in a different way. What can I do that doesn't add to the burden?

Something's got to give.
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Having a hard time coming up with a coherent entry. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities lately, which hasn't left a lot of brainpower for much besides getting through. I have no particular end in sight, unfortunately, but gotta keep the old head above the water. So here's some random stuff about what I've got going on.

I think I have my Mrs. Hawking pilot where it needs to be. At least, I think so. I'm a bit concerned I've lost all critical perspective on the thing, but I'm probably being hard on myself, as that has been a thing with me lately. I plan on sending it to the producer I spoke to no later than one month after our initial meeting.

In the meantime, I am also working on a show bible to send along with it. It needs to be short, I'm shooting for about three pages, but still give all the information necessary to imagine it as a series. Right now I'm just banging it out, with the intention of cutting it back.

These compressed-period, four-hour-long classes I'm teaching right now are rough. Not only do they require more planning in a shorter amount of time, just teaching for four hours straight is not easy. I'm doing okay with it, but it takes a lot out of me.

I need to start building regular social back into my days. I've been so burnt and overwhelmed I haven't been seeing any friends, which isn't good. I think I need to start making a conscious effort to schedule at least one social thing every week. I've been feeling kind of adrift lately on top of the exhaustion, and it might help with the bad feelings to enjoy the company of friends more often.
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I'm sure you're all very tired of hearing status updates on my health and schedule by now, but writing things out helps me get my head on straight about what I'm doing and what I should be doing. Slowly feel like I'm getting myself back together. Diet, exercise, and skincare routines have been put back to where they should be. The cold is almost gone; I'm not as sneezy and stuffed up but the tiredness remains. That's still really bugging me, though.

I've always found a pretty definite sundowning effect in my ability to focus and get work done I don't specifically want to do. I'm a morning person in the extreme; I always feel best and am most productive when I rise early, do important stuff first then, and then chill more as it gets later, but in the past few weeks it's been ridiculous. My work schedule for the semester has a couple of ten-hour workdays built into it now, and by the time it's over, it's at a time of day where I am notoriously unproductive even when I'm not burnt. In the last week I've passed out around nine PM four times. I get up at six, so I guess nine hours isn't an unreasonable amount of sleep for my body to want, but it sure means there's not much time to do anything else once I get home from work.

I really want to go back to the writing habits I had before the Mrs. Hawking productions got so intense. But with so little focus by the time I'm free to do it, and so little time before I'm crashing like a ton of bricks for the night, it's not happening. Ah, well. Maybe I need a little more recovery time. I hope by the time this cold is totally out of my system, I won't need so much sleep. Or maybe I should plan on devoting more of the lighter-scheduled days of my work week to writing. Maybe I should just say screw the evenings on Monday and Wednesday and do what I want then. I'm not good at being easy on myself, but sometimes there's just no point in hammering when you're not going to get anything out of it.
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I don't feel very good today, for a variety of small and totally explainable reasons. But even though I feel this way, everything is okay. I say this as a reminder to myself, because when a lot of little things pile up to make me feel generally lousy, it tends to make my depression-brain assume that just because I FEEL BAD, everything MUST BE BAD.

I am on the second week after finishing Mrs. Hawking and Vivat Regina, and I was hoping I'd be back to my normal routine by now. I am keeping up with responsibilities, and I've ever done some highly productive project work, but the routines are still not in place. I feel really scattered, like I'm not getting anything done even though I know that's not true. Maybe I needed more rest than I thought. Coming down with this stupid bug is not helping. It's not that bad, but I feel incredibly low-energy and foggy. I've only been exercising every other day, and my skin is a nightmare. It's made me insecure about my appearance, as I can't shake the feeling that I look soft and yucky.

I need to figure out how to get myself together. My routines make me feel not only healthy but also productive, which is essential to my mental wellbeing. Perhaps I do need more rest, to get over this illness, if nothing else. Maybe giving myself a little more time will enable me to actually get myself together by next week.
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I woke up with a cold today, the first I've had in like five years. It's not all that bad, but I dislike anything that reminds me that I'm not actually invincible. If I'm not invincible, it means there are some things I can't do, which I don't like to think about. Moreover, it's sapping my energy, and I've got more on my plate than I hoped I would right now.

I finished my writing project I needed for a submission opportunity, thanks to some awesome friends giving me feedback. Thank you, brilliant people! But now I need to finish editing my article for Game Wrap, and it's pretty demanding with jumping into new classes now. Not a good time to feel even less focused than usual.

I am close to having a break, though, or at least as much as I can with my normal work schedule. Next week I won't have the pressure of any due dates on me. I will use it to take a breather, but also to figure out what my next direction is. Which writing project to do next, what I want to have on my schedule, get into good life habits again. I want my exercise routine to go back to near-perfect, and my skin is a volcanic wasteland. I'm usually relentlessly healthy because of my routines, so if I'm compromised enough to finally get a cold, I probably need to take care of myself.
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In my hero's boast, I laid out everything that I have to do from now until the end of the year.

One of the most difficult things I had on my list was managing my new career situation-- completing the two college courses I'd been hired to teach. This was something entirely new for me, and a positive direction for me to move in professionally, but the amount of work and need to adapt was challenging for me. I worked very hard at it, balancing it with all my other fairly intense committments, trying to learn how to be a good professor.

I have officially submitted grades for both those classes. I believe I have now fulfilled all responsibilities for the courses, to the satisfaction of all involved.

I have new classes to prepare for coming up. I have to get my syllabi in order over the next two weeks, not something I particularly want to worry about while in tech for two plays, but there's nothing for it. Still, I managed it once, so I guess I can manage it again.



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