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Since it's almost halfway through the summer, I thought I'd give a report while I actually have a moment.

I've been at my new job with Evil Overlord Games for almost a month now, and I think it's going well! I am definitely enjoying it, and I'm working very hard to do well. I've produced an enormous amount of writing, though I'm still getting used to the situation of doing it for a set time for an entire workday. Creativity on a regular schedule takes some adapting! But I'm enjoying the challenge, and I am very determined to deliver good work. This past week I was working as fast as I could in an effort to meet a deadline, so it will likely call for a lot of editing, but getting it down on the page is always the biggest challenge for me.

I've also been working on drafting Mrs. Hawking part 4, tentatively titled Gilded Cages. (I'm not crazy about that title, but I'm not sure what else to call it.) What I've got so far is very rough, but I've made a good start-- as I've mentioned, I've got to just get some garbage on the page in order to have some material to work with and improve. It's been a bit harder and weirder, given that I've got so much other writing to do lately, but having my day job provide way more writing responsibilities is actually a pretty good problem to have.

I'm also in tech week for Murders and Scandals, the PMRP double feature of Murders in the Rue Morgue and A Scandal in Bohemia. I must say, it has been quite some time before I've had a tech week that was this low-intensity, given I've been doing the piece-heavy Mrs. Hawking shows. We open this coming weekend at Responsible Grace in Somerville, so check out our schedule of performances to see which show you can make!
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So I had a really cool development happen recently! I was recently offered the opportunity to join the team at Evil Overlord Games to help out as they work to meet the release deadline for their first game!

Evil Overlord is a game startup company working on an urban fantasy interactive fiction browser game called Susurrus. The head writer, Tory Root, is someone who I have known and larped with for years now, so the high quality of her game writing has long been known to me. First she offered me the chance to do some freelance writing for the project, but then I accepted a part-time position to come onboard to help her, both with content generation as well as with wrangling the other freelancers, gathering their work and making sure they meet ther deadlines.

This is super exciting for me. It means WRITING PROFESSIONALLY, which is a total dream. It has to be part time because of the teaching commitments I made to Lesley, but I am so happy to have this chance. Plus it's a validation of all the time and effort I've put into game writing over the years, that it honed my craft to the point where someone had faith in my abilities to hire me for it.

I've only just begun, but I am determined to do a good job. Wish me luck!
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Well, Easter has come and gone, and that means I have completed my Lenten resolution to give up procrastination during that time. I actually celebrated the weekend by NOT SPENDING THE WHOLE THING WORKING for once, which has not been something that I've been able to do in weeks, and it was refreshing. I held to my resolution quite well actually, and I stayed on top of my work with very little time wasted screwing around before actually getting to my responsibilities.

Unfortunately, that level of focus and self-discipline has left me worn out. My rest this past weekend was helpful and very much needed, but now I've gone into the following week unsure of whether I can keep up that level of effort. I'm already off the grading schedule I made due to having a much more chaotic Monday than I expected to, and an outside project deadline I set for myself has eaten up a lot of time today. I generally find I can't focus on essay grading for very long-- it is sooooo focus-intensive and boring, easily the worst part about teaching --so I break it down into grading a handful a day until the due date. But maybe I should try setting aside a chunk of time and just trying to power through. I usually hate doing that, but perhaps the shakeup in my routine might help, and I'll actually have longer chunks of time to get other things done.

A continual problem I have is that the most efficient way to run my life is also very exhausting. I get good results but can't maintain it without burnout for long. But when I ease up, I find other things crash down on me, like work piling up that starts to feel like a crisis. I'm not sure what the right balance is.
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Oh, wow. I was going to complain about how little I wish to do actual work today, as I would much rather work on my exegesis of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I've been chipping away at here and there for several months now. But I just got some statistical information about the student evaluations handed in for my three classes last semester. I averaged above a four out of five for all values my students could assess me on, which means they thought I did a good job-- a very good job, even. And I got contacted by the very nice humanities division director, who is not usually the person who reaches out to me about class availability, to ask me if I would take on some classes this fall. I'm not sure, but it felt kind of like there was specific desire to retain me, when usually I express my interest in being hired for classes if there any available. That is validating.

I am not a natural teacher; I wouldn't say I have much talent for it. I probably would not have characterized myself as a very good one. Decent, solid, perhaps, but not good. But I've been trying very hard to do a good job, and it pleases me to see that it's paid off in students who feel I did right by then, and said so to the school when asked about it. And hey, I have at least a couple classes nailed down for the fall already, with the possibility of more, so I don't have to stress out about that.

Guess I can't slack off now. Looks what I've been doing has been working.

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I have reluctantly taken on a few more hours of tutoring this semester. I can really use the extra cash, for several reasons, not least of which because it's looking like I'll need to have some expensive dental surgery in the near future. Despite being told as recently as a couple years ago that they were fine, apparently my wisdom teeth are going to have to come out after all. I'm really unhappy about that, first because I do not relish the time spent out of commission due to how long it takes me to shake anesthetic. I might even need somebody to babysit me as I come out of it, as my history suggests it hits me very hard. The last time I had it when I was nineteen and had to be put under for a minor eye surgery, I was ridiculous and combative when I first woke up, then slept for like twelve solid hours, and then for the next day I was foggy, stupid, and not of totally sound judgment. Ugh. So at least for the beginning it's probably not the safest thing for me to be alone, but I hate to waste somebody's time with that.

And then there's the cost. It's looking to be extremely expensive, and my stupid insurance doesn't take much of a dent out of it. Overall, even before the extra hours I'm supposed to be making more this semester than last, but because of the schedule I'm getting paid on I haven't seen it yet, so this is a way of dealing with things more immediately. I'm not delighted to make my already full schedule even fuller, but I'm grateful that my work is flexible enough that I can do this at a time I need to. A lot of that is down to Bill, my awesome boss, so I'm particularly grateful for him.

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This weekend I came up to Alexandria, Virginia to help Bernie move into his new apartment. He got a place just a five-minute walk from the patent office where he works, a small but very nice one-bedroom place in a fancy apartment building. I like it very much; it's a real grownup place, and a real change of pace from everything in Boston that all tends to be a bit older and more run down. This is all so nice and new, with amenities like a gym and a swimming pool. I'm spending the beginning of the week in Maryland to help him unpack and be together a little. I hope we can make it nice for him, and I may get to miss the worst of the snowstorm, as the DC area probably won't get it as bad.

I have a lot of work while I'm up here. Bernie's got to work of course during the day, so I guess it's not the biggest problem. But before I get back, I need to grade a ton of papers, put together the very first week of my online class and post it to the website, and prepare for the new round of Vivat Regina and Base Instruments rehearsals. So I can't entirely treat this like a vacation.

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I had my first class of the new semester yesterday, and it actually left me really excited. I get to teach a real Literature class this time around, not just a comp class I decided to theme around stories, which means the kids in it are actually interested in literary analysis and not just stuck in my class because they got put there. I have hope that will lead to more robust and participatory discussions, as they'll hopefully want to think and talk about stories since they've decided to take the class.

They seemed like a good group, with enthusiasm and a willingness to engage, which seems like a good sign. I did note that they appear to be entirely white, which was quite different from last semester's much more diverse composition classes-- close to a fifty-fifty split between white kids and PoC. Gender-wise, however, I have a couple of trans kids this time, and only a handful of boys. Lesley used to be an all-girls school back in the day, so any given class doesn't tend to have a lot of boys, but I definitely have fewer now.

I am also pleased with myself that I remembered to make a first-day change I'd been planning for a while-- take a moment to ask the kids what their references were in literature and art. I had a problem last semester that none of my kids seemed particularly familiar with anything I alluded to, so I wanted to get a baseline for where they were coming from. Amusingly, not all of the kids cottoned to the fact that I wanted their LITERARY grounding, not just random pieces of culture they had feelings about, but I still feel like I learned something I can use to help them make connections to later. It not only gave me information, but it kind of acted like an icebreaker-- who doesn't like talking about the things they like and don't like? So I think it was a good idea, and I plan to use it in all literature-related classes I teach going forward.
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This past week, Bernie accepted a job with the patent office in Alexandria, VA. It's a pretty good position, with a good salary and great benefits, as well as a lot of flexibility and room for advancement. It'll be so great for him to really get his life going, which job searching has kind of put on hold since he graduated. It's not exactly what he wants to do long term, but it's a good move for now and I'm really proud of him.

But while it's definitely a good thing, I'm still a little sad because it means that Bernie and I are going to be separated for at least another year. I was started to get hopeful that he might be able to move back into the area by the point my lease was up and we'd be able to get a place together.

It's not the end of the world. Our relationship has been uniformly strong through all the last few years apart and I'm not worried about that part. As we also discussed, if something else he applied for (he's more interested in lab work or something a little more directly doing science) happens to get back to him with a perfect offer in New England, there wouldn't be much barrier to him taking it. And a year isn't that bad, especially if he's starting to make money, build his resume, and start really putting together his own life.

So this is definitely good news and a step in the right direction. It's just not perfect news, but then again, that's life. I'm grateful for the improvement.
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It's looking like I will only have two classes for next semester. One one hand, I'm disappointed, as I was looking for at least three, and neither does Lesley have any more to offer me, nor did I get any interviews at the other institutions I applied to. It might be possible that I'll be offered a class through the Bunker Hill extension at the last minute, as I was last year, but that time around I didn't know until January. And it would likely mean another eight-week four-hour Friday night class, which are rough to plan and teach for.

It's nice, though, that I am being entrusted with higher level classes. This spring I'll be doing a literature course, which isn't a basic class, and an online Creative Writing class! It will be my first fully online class; I've done individual class periods online, but never an entire course. I'll need a training session for it, but I think it will suit me to not have to commute to it. It will be interesting to teach Creative Writing rather than Analytical for once, too, and I'm still pondering how best to approach it.

I am hoping to soon be able to secure enough classes that I don't have to tutor anymore. It's a totally fine job that I'm really grateful to have, especially since it gave me the experience to be considered for college-level teaching. But I'm a bit burnt out on it, and I prefer the greater schedule flexibility of just teaching. Because my step rate of pay at Lesley has increased, I could afford to do that with just three classes at this point. But because I only have two, I'm going to have to add on an extra day of tutoring next semester. Not what I wanted, and it's going to make my schedule a bit more awkward. But it will enable me to make a bit more money than I did this semester, and it's been nice that I've done a little bit better each semester of the last few years.
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I plowed through an epic amount of work today. It was pretty grueling, but at least I can go into this weekend without stressing out about getting things done. I'm experimenting this semester with setting designated "work times" that I will always stick to. I utilize scheduling a fair bit, but I tend to schedule things whenever is convenient rather than sticking to "hours on" and "hours off." I'm trying it for a while to see if it helps me focus and not feeling like I constantly should be doing more work.

I am still pretty depressed, but I'm trying to push on through it. Today I went back to eating paleo and am fighting to not lapse back into being a sugar vacuum. I think I will at least physically feel a little better. As I've mentioned, the biggest issue is I'm not INTERESTED in anything I could be doing. I don't feel excited or get any pleasure from stuff I theoretically should want to pursue. I guess that's classic depression. But I don't know what to do about it, and it's become a real problem as I end up not working on anything because nothing seems worth it.

I've had a bee in my bonnet for ages now about doing little audio or video recordings of my thoughts. Maybe like journal entries, or maybe something more codified. I've been listening to podcasts a bit more lately and I guess it's given me the bug. I know every asshole thinks they can do a podcast, and I don't know if I any of the unique things I have to say would be at all interesting for people to listen to. So I keep stopping myself because it doesn't seem worth it. But the idea's been nagging at me, and it would be better than wasting my time not working on anything, so maybe I should just do it and not care if it's any good or if anybody cares about it.
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The new semester has started for me, which means my easygoing summer is over and it's back to the grind. Tutoring's already begun, but classes start tomorrow.

I am reasonably prepared, I think. My lessons are ready to go. I'm feeling very confident about my two composition classes, but a little more nervous about my Business Writing workshop. I need to spend the first class (which is four hours long due to the compressed format) giving the students a grounding in writing in general before we dive into the specifics of the form. Teaching four-hour classes is challenging enough, but figuring out not only what is needed for this type of writing which is pretty different than typical academic writing makes it tougher. I've spent a lot of time thinking about it, so I may be worrying over nothing, but I hope I do okay.

My schedule is a good one for me. Basically my work week is I have three days on of teaching and two days off for prep and grading. I mean, realistically weekends are going to end up being for prep and grading too, but perhaps I can use the time in a focused enough manner to make that unnecessary. And they are spaced out such that I have at least one solid day to prepare for each teaching day. That consolidation means a lot less driving, which makes thing infinitely better for me, as I'll have good solid chunks in a comfortable environment to get work done. I'm hoping this will make having an extra class this semester go a little easier, especially when we get into rehearsals for this Arisia's Mrs. Hawking plays.

I have all my stuff ready for tomorrow. I packed up my big purse with my syllabi and handouts. I have lunch ready to take with me so I won't have to come home in the middle of the day. And I picked a work dress that will complement my hair. Yes, I have decided to keep my pink hair. There's no rule against it at Lesley, and my superiors have seen it and had no adverse reaction, so I'm going for it. I touched it up tonight, so that it looks good for my first impression. Can't hurt to make a good showing the first time people meet you. I'm still a little concerned it may make me look like a kid in front of my students and possibly diminish my authority in their eyes, but I'll just have to make sure I assert myself. My pink hair was the change I was craving for a while, and I'm not ready to get rid of it yet.
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I got offered an interview this morning for teaching a writing class at Bentley University. That's awesome! Except... I don't know if I could accept it if offered. UGH.

When I was concerned that my third class at Lesley might get cancelled due to low enrollment, I started applying to other universities to see if I could get another class elsewhere as a backup. It turned out that the class isn't going to be cancelled after all, so my schedule was safe. However, I'd sent out a handful of applications by that point, and today I heard back from Bentley asking if I could come in for an interview.

This is of course a good thing! I'm glad my resume and cover letter were strong enough to get invited in. Bentley is a four-year college that's literally like ten minutes from my house, so getting a relationship there would be awesome. But when I was planning my schedule for the fall, it was taking into account how I'll be directing Vivat Regina and the inaugural production of Base Instruments for Arisia this year. Directing two plays, even if one of them is a reprise, is a lot of work. I was pretty burnt out last year by just that plus two classes and tutoring. I wouldn't have to tutor with a fourth class-- tutoring is easier, but a class is more money --but the real kicker is the grading.

Lesson planning and actual in-class time are certainly work, but for me at least, the most seriously labor-intensive is the grading. Literally the worst part of being an English teacher is reading and responding to all those papers in an actually constructive manner. Taking on an additional class would likely mean an extra fifteen to twenty students' worth of grading for the semester. Maybe I could manage to do it, but I imagine it would be a pretty miserable workload. Do I really want that level of stress?

I consulted the archives of Ask a Manager, a great advice website from a woman who is a consultant in management, professional practices, and job searching. She's a great source on the best practices of modern professional life. She is of the opinion that one should not accept an interview one knows one will turn down. Her reasoning is that you risk the hiring manager feeling that you've wasted their time, which could alienate them from ever calling you back in should you ever apply there again, and stealing an interview slot from someone who actually does really want the job. The former I definitely don't want to do, as I could see myself in a situation in the future where it would be great to be teaching there, and the latter I know how painful it can be when folks don't call you back.

So I guess my only two options are either politely decline the interview for scheduling reasons, or accept the interview with the intention of taking the job if offered. I'll have to think which one is going to be right for me.
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Last week I wrote about how I was wondering if my third class at Lesley, the Business Writing course through the Bunker Hill extension, was going to be cancelled due to low enrollment. Well, I inquired after the eventualities, and it turns out that the minimum is actually seven, but it can still run with six-- as long as I'm willing to do it for six-sevenths of the salary. I did the math, and I'll still be making significantly more than I was last semester, so it's still worth it. But I'm hoping it'll get one extra student, because it would suck not to get the full fee.

At least it means I've definitely got three classes for the fall. That means I can go down to one day a week of tutoring. That would be so much less driving, though I've got to finalize the syllabus now. I've been applying to other adjunct positions at other colleges in the area, but I guess I don't need to anymore. I haven't heard back from any of them, but if even if I do, I don't know if I'd be able to teach four classes with all the accompanying grading, especially since we'll be going back into rehearsals for the next two Hawking shows in the fall. Might be worth going to the interviews, just to make relationships in case I ever need to reach out again, but it's good to know I won't be dependent on maybe somebody getting back to me.
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Getting a little concerned about my third class at Lesley actually running. I'm basically good to go with my other two classes, Freshman Composition and Essentials of English, one of which I've taught before and the other which is a more basic approach to developing writing. But at the moment the third class, Business Writing, only has six students signed up for it, which I believe is beneath the minimum to be safe from cancellation. I'm not sure what to think about that. Business Writing is the class I know I will find most personally challenging. I'm less familiar with it than other writing forms, plus I've never had to design a syllabus for it before, so that promises to be more difficult. And it's a four-hour Friday night class, which are kind of grueling to teach.

So on one hand, if I didn't have to teach it, it would be sparing myself from a demanding, somewhat unpleasant work experience. But if I lost it, it would mean I only had two classes, and I was really hoping to have three this time around. It would be a good step forward in my career, more money, and establish me further at Lesley. I was really hoping to not have to tutor so much next semester, if only because it's a lot less driving. Plus, if the class is going to be cancelled, I kind of don't want to go to all the work and trouble of writing a syllabus I'm not going to use. Because that will take a lot of time and effort at a time when I'm trying to get so much writing done.

It might fill, in which case all this will be moot. But it's been almost a month of holding steady at only six students, which is worrisome. So just in case, I've started applying at other schools in the area. It would be really nice if this class falls through to be able to replace it with another one at a local university. I historically am not very good at getting my resume and cover letters noticed, but I've been reading the advice on Ask a Manager about how to improve them and rewrote mine to focus on accomplishments and what I specially bring to the work. Hopefully they are stronger now! Last year around this time was when I managed to get hired at Lesley, and there were a couple of places interested in me almost immediately just because I was then able to put that I was teaching at Lesley on my resume. Some of that may have been timing; classes get added and subtracted on short notice, so the fact that it was August-ish may have meant that I got mine resume in when they needed somebody for a sudden change. But I have more experience now, and hopefully an improved resume and cover letter, so I'd hope that my chances were better.

Again, this might not matter at all. The Business Writing class may go off as planned. But I'd like to have a backup in case it falls through.
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It's that time of year that I think making a list of all my projects, in the order in which they are should be prioritized, would be a solid idea. Plus I like to let people know all the cool stuff I'm working on. They are organized by which month's ending I need to have them done:


Editing the Mrs. Hawking pilot. In a very good meeting with my producer contact, she gave us some solid critiques for the next version. They actually were easier to incorporate than we feared they'd be. We're aiming to have the next version done by the end of the month to send back to her. It's almost done, it just needs one more pass or so to make sure all the changes are smoothly incorporated.

Treatment for Vivat Regina. This is basically a special kind of summary for how this story would work as an episode. This will get sent in along with the edited pilot and be appended to the Mrs. Hawking show bible.

Treatment for Base Instruments. Basically the same deal; write it up as if it were an episode of the series.


Finishing the Hood pilot. This is the new piece we're going to send along. Currently it's about half-drafted, and we're shooting to have it finished to get feedback from a reading dinner early next month. This is the biggest project in the package, so we may get the first three completed and sent before we're done with this, so we don't keep her waiting too long.

Finalizing my Freshman Comp syllabus. This is basically done. I just need to add in the page numbers from the new version of the textbook, which I'll be receiving later this week.

Finalizing my Essentials of English syllabus. Also basically done, requiring only the addition of page numbers.

Finalizing my Business Writing syllabus. This one needs more work, as I've never taught business writing before and am new to designing a class for it. I'm trying to chip away at it a little at a time, but it needs to be done by the end of August.


Put together Peggy's Properties. This is the ten-minute play I am directing for the Shorts Festival Chameleon's Dish Theatre is holding at the Democracy Center on September 23rd and 24th.

Finalized Base Instruments script for performance. We will begin rehearsals in late October, but I'd like to have the script all edited and ready in advance. I know some the actors would appreciate the advance look.

Blocking Base Instruments. Again, we start rehearsing in October, but it's important for me to be as prepared as possible going into the process. The more I can get done in advance, the less I have to worry about while I'm also teaching three classes and getting all the other aspects of production in order.
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This past weekend I bought a couple special cables for my iPad. The first was a lighting to HDMI adapter and the second was a regular HDMI cord. With this, I can plug my tablet into any screen with an HDMI input and have it display what’s on my device. I tested it on the television in my living room and was pleased to find it just worked the way I hoped it would without any fussing.

I got it for a couple of reasons. The first is because my tablet is my primary media devise of any kind. I don’t use cable TV anymore, so if I ever watch anything, it’s through some file or service on my iPad. If I ever want to play a movie or TV episode for other people, it’s way better to be able to put it up on a screen rather than huddle around my tablet. HDMI specifically enables the use of applications like Netflix, so that’s the hardware format I chose.

The second reason, which is arguably the more important one, is I’m hoping it will enable my classroom teaching a bit better. I’m only teaching at Lesley this coming semester, and they don’t have in-room computers attached to the projectors. I find typing notes which the projector then shows on the screen to be the clearest and most efficient way to display them to the class. You can’t do that without the proper cables when relying on an iPad. Previously if I ever needed to do this, I would have to go through the hassle of borrowing them from the university IT department. So, even though it was kind of expensive, I decided to just buy my own and have them whenever I need them.

I am a little concerned that not every room has HDMI compatibility. The classrooms I am assigned may not. It may be possible for me to book a different room sometimes, but that has to be done in advance and may not always work out. But I’m hoping this makes it at least a little easier for me, especially for showing clips or episodes.
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Having a hard time coming up with a coherent entry. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities lately, which hasn't left a lot of brainpower for much besides getting through. I have no particular end in sight, unfortunately, but gotta keep the old head above the water. So here's some random stuff about what I've got going on.

I think I have my Mrs. Hawking pilot where it needs to be. At least, I think so. I'm a bit concerned I've lost all critical perspective on the thing, but I'm probably being hard on myself, as that has been a thing with me lately. I plan on sending it to the producer I spoke to no later than one month after our initial meeting.

In the meantime, I am also working on a show bible to send along with it. It needs to be short, I'm shooting for about three pages, but still give all the information necessary to imagine it as a series. Right now I'm just banging it out, with the intention of cutting it back.

These compressed-period, four-hour-long classes I'm teaching right now are rough. Not only do they require more planning in a shorter amount of time, just teaching for four hours straight is not easy. I'm doing okay with it, but it takes a lot out of me.

I need to start building regular social back into my days. I've been so burnt and overwhelmed I haven't been seeing any friends, which isn't good. I think I need to start making a conscious effort to schedule at least one social thing every week. I've been feeling kind of adrift lately on top of the exhaustion, and it might help with the bad feelings to enjoy the company of friends more often.
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I woke up with a cold today, the first I've had in like five years. It's not all that bad, but I dislike anything that reminds me that I'm not actually invincible. If I'm not invincible, it means there are some things I can't do, which I don't like to think about. Moreover, it's sapping my energy, and I've got more on my plate than I hoped I would right now.

I finished my writing project I needed for a submission opportunity, thanks to some awesome friends giving me feedback. Thank you, brilliant people! But now I need to finish editing my article for Game Wrap, and it's pretty demanding with jumping into new classes now. Not a good time to feel even less focused than usual.

I am close to having a break, though, or at least as much as I can with my normal work schedule. Next week I won't have the pressure of any due dates on me. I will use it to take a breather, but also to figure out what my next direction is. Which writing project to do next, what I want to have on my schedule, get into good life habits again. I want my exercise routine to go back to near-perfect, and my skin is a volcanic wasteland. I'm usually relentlessly healthy because of my routines, so if I'm compromised enough to finally get a cold, I probably need to take care of myself.
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The shows are over for now, and that means I’ve reached a bit of a lull. Though I have more to say about them, I think I will save it for the Mrs. Hawking blog. For now, I will reflect on the state of other things in my life now that I don’t have quite so much on my plate.

As for my work situation, in addition to tutoring, I now have two classes again. As often happens in the life of an adjunct, you gain and lose classes on short notice, and I was offered a Short Fiction class for the Lesley extension at Bunker Hill. It’s not the best timeslot— three hours on Friday nights starting in March —but I wanted the second class and it’s only for a few weeks. Since it doesn't start right away, I have a bit more time before I have to worry about it. It’s nice to only have to plan for one class for a little while. It started yesterday and I feel prepared, so I’m in pretty good shape there.

While I did a good job staying on top of most of my responsibilities, a lot of the stuff I just do for myself fell by the wayside. I did a good job sticking to my diet and exercise plan, even during tech week— which honestly is the most important to me —but my skin and hair are pretty wrecked. I completely fell out of my skincare routine and had a really charming breakout around my mouth. Yuck. My hair started to concern me when the dark roots began to grow out, but weirdly they bothered me more when they were shorter. Now they kind of look like I have light highlights, which I sort of like, but I think I probably need to get a trim, if not do something to fix the color.

In the next couple weeks, I mostly need to go into maintenance mode. Rest, get my life together, not take on anything new. I need to clean up my house and find storage for all the new props and costumes purchased for Vivat Regina. Everything could use a good scrubbing down, as I haven’t had the time to clean as thoroughly as I usually do.

I do have a little bit of project work for the moment. But I won’t get into that just yet. Mostly I just want to put myself back together and recharge.
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Well, it seems that one of the classes I'm going to be teaching this semester was cancelled due to low enrollment. There was always a risk of this happening, as I'd heard enrollment at North Shore was down overall, but I just got confirmation of one being full and one being cancelled.

I've got mixed feelings. On one hand, I don't think it's good for me to have fewer classes when I'm trying to establish a resume as a college professor. It won't look as good when I apply places in the fall with fewer under my belt. Also, I'll be making a fair bit less money without it. I will have more hours to tutor, but it's won't work out to as much. But on the other hand... I feel so tired after everything of the last few months, that I'm having a hard time working up much disappointment. Each class is a lot of work, and the idea of having not quite so much of it feels something like a relief, even though it's not good for me in the longer term. I would have had to write both syllabi this week, which is Mrs. Hawking tech week, and the idea of having to do two of those at once while finishing up the shows is exhausting. One is tough enough, but more manageable than two.

Aw, well. My resume and bank account won't be as good for it. But maybe I need a little bit of a break.


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