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This scene really needs more wit and thought, but I pushed to finish. Any scene with Justin needs to be very witty and clever, but I'm too tired to labor over it. Still, I'm glad I got an idea for a scene with Justin in it. I love his character.


Day #31 - "Enough to Compare"
By Phoebe Roberts

NATHANIEL HAWKING, early twenties, on leave from the army
JUSTIN HAWKING, mid twenties, his elder brother

JUSTIN: So said to her, “You’re welcome to say, but I think your room is down the hall.”

NATHANIEL: Same old Justin.

JUSTIN: You know you missed me. So how is life in the service?

NATHANIEL: Dull. Following Father around with the ledgers was more exciting.

JUSTIN: And you were probably shot at more. So, what would you like to do now that you’re back? Can I take you out in civilization again? Dinner and a show, what say you?

NATHANIEL: Or we could have a drink at the corner. Call it an early night.

JUSTIN: I haven’t seen you in six months, and you want to cut things short?

NATHANIEL: It’s only… I hoped to see someone else as well.

JUSTIN: And whoever could pull you away from your dear big brother?

NATHANIEL: Well… it’s Clara. If you must know.

JUSTIN: Clara Partridge?

NATHANIEL: That’s the one.

JUSTIN: Why would she see you?

NATHANIEL: Why wouldn’t she?

JUSTIN: Because she’s probably forgotten you’re alive after six months away?

NATHANIEL: Shows what you know. We’ve written.

JUSTIN: Clara wrote you. That was an afternoon generously spent.

NATHANIEL: We’ve had a letter a week since I left. Very generous, I suppose.

JUSTIN: With my Clara?

NATHANIEL: I’m not sure you can call her that anymore. After what you did.

JUSTIN: Do you mean to tell me you’ve… taken up… with Clara Partridge?

NATHANIEL: If you’d like to call it that.

JUSTIN: By Jove.

NATHANIEL: Are you surprised?

JUSTIN: Frankly, yes.

NATHANIEL: Why? Don’t you believe a girl like that would fancy me?

JUSTIN: No, it’s only… it’s a bit of a shock. Given… our history.

NATHANIEL: I… I suppose so. Does it… does it bother you?

JUSTIN: Does it matter?

NATHANIEL: Well… of course it does. You’re my brother. I don’t want to cause you any distress.

JUSTIN: Well, that’s kind of you. Do you like her?

NATHANIEL: I do. I really do.

JUSTIN: I never knew.

NATHANIEL: Well. I didn’t want to push in.

JUSTIN: Push in? How far back does this go?

NATHANIEL: There was nothing going on.

JUSTIN: But there was something else.

NATHANIEL: Of course I liked her. In fact… I a fair bit more than liked her.

JUSTIN: You did? Why, you sly dog. I’d no idea.

NATHANIEL: I worked hard at that. Nobody knew but Uncle.

JUSTIN: I’m blown down. That must have been a job.

NATHANIEL: I didn’t want to hurt you.

JUSTIN: By Jove.


JUSTIN: So… you’re a fair bit past liking her, eh?

NATHANIEL: A fair bit, indeed.

JUSTIN: Well. She’s a rare girl. I don’t blame you at all.

NATHANIEL: I’m sorry. If it’s… anything to you.

JUSTIN: Not at all. She and I weren’t meant to be. But… if she’s right for you… then, well. Godspeed.

NATHANIEL: Thank you, Justin.

JUSTIN: It’s me that should be thanking you. I shall have this to hold over your head forever and ever.

NATHANIEL: Lucky me. At least you can’t say she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Seeing as she never missed it.

JUSTIN: It’s not me you have to worry about. Before long, dear Clara will know enough to compare.

NATHANIEL: Good heavens.

JUSTIN: You picked her, brother dear.


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